Council Members

Andrew Hansford (Chair)

Grass and village maintenance, minutes to newsletter.

Alex Neville

Planning applications, police liaison.

Nigel Goodall


Alison Phythian

Churchyard, Trees

Paul Blackmore

Streetlights, highways, pavements, playground.

Peter Guttridge

Financial Review & Oversight, Playground

Marcus Swallow

Highways and Pavements

Parish Path Warden: Merklyn Hauk

Amy Miller

Clerk, Burial Superintendent and Responsible Financial Officer

About the Parish Council

Woodnewton Parish council meets most months on the first Monday of the month. Meetings are open to the public and press and there is always an opportunity to address councillors beforehand. (See calendar for details).

There are 7 councillors who serve a 4 year term. Vacancies are advertised on the notice board (near the phone box) as they occur. These may be filled by an election if there is enough interest or by co-option, where councillors vote in the meeting, if there is no election. 

In general, the council should be approached through the clerk. All correspondence should be addressed to the clerk. All paperwork generated by the council is held by the clerk & is available to the public. The council has a Freedom of Information policy to cover disclosure. Details of how to contact the clerk are on another page. Agendas and minutes are posted on the board.

Every year the council formulates a BUDGET and agrees the PRECEPT to be levied on residents. This is collected as part of the council tax by ENC. Main areas of spend are the maintenance of GRASS and hedges etc. within the village (some areas fall within the remit of the District Council) and STREET LIGHTING. The council is also responsible for the maintenance of the PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT and for the ALLOTMENTS. The council has a right to be consulted on all PLANNING applications within the parish. The council is also the BURIAL AUTHORITY and maintains the cemetery.

ALLOTMENTS – to apply for an allotment please contact the clerk. The council has a policy for the allocation of allotments as there is often a waiting list.

PLANNING – councillors will always try to contact you when doing a site visit to try to understand your application. They may talk to your neighbours, too.

Each year there is an ANNUAL PARISH MEETING in May. This is a relatively informal event & an opportunity to meet councillors and often district & county councillors, too. You are free to ask the council anything at this meeting!

The council has a policy for dealing with complaints about the way it conducts its business. Please ask the clerk for a copy.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

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Parish Council Meeting Agenda

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Parish Council Financial Statements

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Parish Council Administration Documents

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Woodnewton Cemetery Information

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