5G Mast

5G Mast planned for Orchard Lane

Do you want a 15m high mast on Orchard Lane?

Hutchison UK and the 3 mobile network have submitted plans to North Northants council to erect a 15m high 5G mobile mast and several 2.5m high cabinets on the verge on Orchard Lane.

The location is directly opposite the entrance to Wades Close and adjacent to the children's play area.

The planning regulations for this type of communications infrastructure were changed in 2015. This means that the approval process is not the same as a conventional planning application and permission may be granted on a prior notification / prior approval basis unless there are objections made on the grounds of location and appearence.

The timescale for commenting and objecting to this proposal is only 56 days from the acknowledgement of the application which means that this will be determined by 19th October so any comments must me made as soon as possible. The deadline for comments is in fact 24th September 2021.

A number of villagers have already raised objections to the proposal. This can be done via the following channels.

The North Northants Council Planning Portal allows you to make comments on the application. The application reference is NE/21/01280/PNT and can be referenced by clicking the link or by going to the website https://publicaccess.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk/online-applications/ and searching for the reference. It’s worth noting that the planning website only allows 1000 characters in the comments. Instead of commenting directly there, you can email North Northants planning directly at planning.ENC@northnorthants.gov.uk and your comment will be copied on to the website with no length restriction.

Villagers have also taken the opportunity to email our local North Northants Councillor Anna de Capell Brooke who appears sympathetic to concerns. Anna's email address is Annabel.deCapellBrooke@northnorthants.gov.uk.

Our local MP is Tom Pursglove  his email address is tom.pursglove.mp@parliament.uk

Some villagers have already sent emails to all three of these addresses.

If you believe that erecting such a large installation in a residential area close to the children's play area and the village hall then you have the opportunity to make your feelings known. 


Parish Council Clerk : woodnewtonpc@gmail.com